Koso Hammel Dahl Equipment

KOSO HAMMEL DAHL products cover a broad range of applications with a variety of standard and optional features, such as flow characteristics, ease of maintenance and noise attenuation and cavitation abatement designs. Most bodies and/or trims are available in special alloys such as Monel®, Hastalloy® C and Alloy 20.

  • New Koso-Hammel Dahl Valves and Controls
  • Original Hammel Dahl Valves
  • Original Hammel Dahl Parts
  • Technical Support for Hammel Dahl Products

About WTM

WTM Valves & Services, A Division of Wright Technical Marketing, LLC supplies and supports valves, actuators, and related fluid handling products to the nuclear power generation industry. WTM Valves & Services has 35 years of  experience supporting the needs of the nuclear power industry. The WTM Valves & Services team knows the nuclear industry inside and out and has the technical experience necessary to deliver an excellent combination of high-performance products and first rate support.

In addition to the Hammel Dahl products offered to the industry, we provide services such as:

  • Replacement valves & actuators for obsolete equipment
  • Retrofit/improvement of existing equipment
  • Applications Consulting
  • Project procurement
  • Custom-engineered valves
  • Valve & Actuator Mods
  • Equivalency Evaluation
  • Parts for original Hammel Dahl Valves
  • Preparation of Technical Documents
  • Specification Review and Certification

WTM GP50 Series Positioners

WTM is pleased to announce our acquisition of the Conoflow® GP50 Series Pneumatic Positioner line (formerly the P50) from ITT Enidine .  The acquisition of the GP50 product line will provide a means of support to existing users of the GP50positioners across all industries, as well as representing an option for new customers seeking a rugged and time-proven, fully-mechanical pneumatic valve positioner. The GP50product line will be manufactured in-house at our Lewisburg, PA facility and be sold under the WTM brand. However, the positioners will retain the ITT Conoflow® design and model numbering system.  Contact us today for a quote, all models are available with short lead times.

WTM GP50A100 Pneumatic Positioner


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