OEM Spare Parts for Hammel Dahl CRD Scram Valves


WTM Valves & Services is your exclusive source for OEM spare parts for Hammel Dahl CRD Scram Valves. We are the sole OEM-Authorized Source for all your parts and full valve replacement needs.

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WTM Valves & Services is the exclusive OEM-authorized source for authentic OEM spare parts and replacement units for Hammel Dahl BWR Scram Valves. Both safety-related and non-safety-related parts, valves, and actuators are available.

Description: ¾”-2500# Outlet Valve, 1”-2500# Inlet Valve (both with direct-acting pneumatic actuator)

Typical Valve Model Numbers: V999Z1204, V999Z1205

Actuator Size: 50 sq-in

Valve Safety-Classification: Non-ASME, Safety Related

Application: Inlet and Outlet Valves for BWR control rod drive system

Recommended Spare Parts:  Typical Spare Parts for Scram Valves

Unfortunately, there are third-party organizations in the marketplace today that offer cheap imitations of authentic OEM replacement parts for these valves. Even parts supplied by the original reactor supplier may not be authentic OEM items. Demand OEM parts. These valves are critical to plant reliability and safety and the use of anything other than authentic OEM spare parts may compromise plant reliability and safety. Contrary to what third-party replicators may claim, OEM parts are readily available and at costs that are commensurate with the nature of this application. In addition, we have immediate access to OEM design details for this product, are experts with this design, and provide technical support for this product to our regular customers. We also have access to OEM support when needed. If your plant is sourcing spare parts for these valves from anywhere other than WTM Valves & Services, you are most likely not utilizing authentic OEM parts.

Want to save thousands upon thousands by reducing outage duration associated with these valves?  Talk to us about an exchange program.

We are the Exclusive OEM-Authorized Source for Parts and Replacements: Why Go Anywhere Else?


OEM Hammel Dahl Control Rod Drive (CRD) Scram Valves

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