WTM Valves & Services is the exclusive OEM source for both safety-related and non-safety related Hammel Dahl control valve products for the nuclear power industry, excluding Canada. We provide both sales and product support for the installed Hammel Dahl product lines, as well as for the current lines under the Koso Hammel Dahl brand. We have contracted with the Anderson-Greenwood Crosby operation of Pentair Valves and Controls (formerly Tyco Valves & Controls, LP) for the manufacture and supply of safety-related Hammel Dahl items.

Some of the products we market and support include:

Original Hammel Dahl Product Lines Supported by WTM Valves & Services:

  • 500 or V500 Series Globe Valves
  • 600 or V600 Series Ball Valves (soft-goods only)
  • 800 or V800 Series Globe Valves
  • V999 Series BWR Scram Valves
  • V999 Series Nuclear Sampling Valves
  • 20/A20 Series Daiphragm Actuators
  • 40/A40 Series Diaphragm Actuators
  • 41 or A41 Series Diaphragm Actuators
  • A32 Series Piston Actuators
  • Others (contact us!)

New Koso Hammel Dahl Product Lines offered by WTM Valves & Services:

  • G110 Series Globe Control Valves
  • G120 Series Globe Control Valves
  • G130 Series Globe Control Valves
  • V510/V520 Series Globe Control Valves
  • V817-1 Series Cryogenic Globe Control Valves
  • D/R Series Diaphragm Aactuators
  • Electo-Hydraulic Actuators

Please Note: Hammel Dahl Globe Valves may have been sold under the following brands:

  • Hammel Dahl Company
  • ITT General Controls/Hammel Dahl
  • ITT Grinnell/Hammel Dahl
  • ITT Grinnell/Hammel Dahl – Conoflow
  • Hammel Dahl, Inc.
  • Hammel Dahl and Jamesbury (HD&J)
  • Neles Jamesbury
  • Neles Automation
  • Metso Automation
  • Koso America/Hammel Dahl (Current)


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